My mind is swirling a bit right now.  There are so many things going on in our body at the moment.  Most of them are good, thank you, Jesus!  In this month’s newsletter, I want to do two things.  I want to ask you for prayer, and I want to promote and prepare you for an upcoming message series.

THE PRAYER REQUEST.  I hope that everyone can see the numerical growth that we are seeing.  Before I talk more about that, let me tell you as the Lead Pastor, we are also seeing incredible spiritual growth, which trumps all other growth.  The body is healthy. The body is growing.  The numerical growth is a blessing. More people in the kingdom, more people in our church family.  Love it.  It does though, come with challenges.  The main challenge we’re dealing with is space.  My prayer request to you, my church family, would be to ask you to pray for the elders, deacons and staff.  (1) Pray that we have wisdom to address this growth.  (2) Pray that we have unity.  Satan would love nothing more than to get the leadership to turn on each other.  While your leadership absolutely loves God bringing us more people, we’re in unchartered territory, and have been for some time.  We need God’s wisdom to shepherd the flock well, to make decisions about our current and future needs, and to stay united under the banners of God’s Word and Christ’s love.  Please pray for us daily!

UPCOMING MESSAGE SERIES!  Beginning February 18th, we will begin a new message series.  In the church, there are sometimes topics that seem off limits or taboo.  RCC does not shy away from the hard topics.  We preach the entirety of Scripture.  As we approach these topics, we do so with humility and respect for our members and guests.  I believe that there is something that is destroying our culture both inside and outside the church.  Many of the hot button issues in American culture are a result of this topic.  It’s a topic that everyone knows about, but very few are having healthy conversations on.  That’s why I’ve titled this 4-part message series The Elephant In The Room. Over the course of this series, we’ll be looking at the devastating reality of pornography and its consumption.  I believe that this topic is critical, and we need to look at it.  Because I know it’s a sensitive issue for literally everyone in the family, I wanted to make a few things clear.
(1) This message series will not be edgy.  It will not be explicit.  I’ve covered this topic in many different avenues, and am well versed in how to bring it to a family setting such as our worship services.  Every word I will use in this message series, I have used from the platform before.  
(2) If you have junior high or high school aged children, it’s my opinion that they should hear these messages.  We will talk about sex, marriage, pornography, and a number of related angles.  It’s important that they know that the church cares about this topic.  
(3) Some of our families have elementary aged children that come to our worship services with them rather than attending our Children’s Ministry.  For this series though, I might encourage you to entrust them to our Children’s Ministry.  I know our Children’s Director, Jamie, would absolutely love to have them and minister to them.  If you do choose to keep them in the service, please know that they will hear words like sex, pornography, trafficking, etc.  You will need to be prepared to explain these things to them if they have questions.  Parents, you have my total trust in whatever you decide to do.  
(4) I’d ask for your trust as I present this series.  I believe that I won’t disappoint you.  

There are people in our ministry that desperately need to hear these messages.  People of ALL ages, and both genders.  Some need to be warned.  Some need to be educated.  Some may need to seek forgiveness and freedom.  We’ll let the Word of God handle all of this and trust Holy Spirit to do his work in our hearts.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at the church office:  479-636-9067, zach@rogerscc.org.
Before I close out, we targeted February 4th to try to get a decent number of people to switch from second service to first service to help us free up some space. As I type this, it’s not February 4th yet, so I can’t tell you how it went!  While I’m confident that we will have some people move over, I have no doubt that it would be helpful if even more could.  If you’re not plugged into a 9:30am Adult Bible Class, or your teenage children aren’t plugged in to the 9:30am Junior High or High School Bible Studies, we would love for you to still consider making the switch.  The services are identical, and the people are just as warm and friendly in the first service as they are in second, there’s just a bit more room!

In Christ,

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My family loves to camp. We’re not great at it, but we love to get out into nature, sleep in tents, and cook over the fire. Last week, we reminisced about a particularly fun (and drama-free) camping trip we took near Hot Springs a few years ago. We spent the day walking up and down downtown Hot Springs, visiting the small shops and bathhouses. In a small park in between one of the buildings, we found a musician playing his guitar and singing. This memory stands out because we sat and enjoyed his music for about 45 minutes. To say that his skill enraptured us would be an understatement. Even our young children paid attention most of the time, and that is saying something! I thoroughly enjoy watching gifted people do the thing they are gifted to do.

We are blessed to have people who are skilled and gifted, and who come together to praise the Lord with the skills and abilities He has given them. Throughout Scripture, skilled musicians played an important role in life and ministry of the house of the Lord.

“All these men were under the supervision of their father for the music of the temple of the LORD, with cymbals, lyres and harps, for the ministry at the house of God.” 1 Chron. 25:6
“1Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him. 2Praise the LORD with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. 3Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” Ps. 33:1-3

I feel as if I get a front row seat to see what and how God gifts people with skills and abilities, and how they use them for His glory. Our worship teams spend untold hours in practice and rehearsals to do their best for God. Even our teenagers allow themselves to be used for His glory on Sunday mornings. Have you noticed the age span of the musicians and vocalists on the platform? From white beards to youthful mullets, we come together to “play skillfully.” The next time you see a member of the worship team, give them a hug and thank them for their efforts and use of their talents for God. A word of encouragement goes a long way!

Our Community Groups have resumed meeting! Getting involved in a C-Group is the best way to get connected into the life of RCC. If you are checking out our church and want to know more about the C-Group ministry and to view a list of groups we offer, please visit this link: https://rogerscc.org/community-groups

The next Worship in the Round (formally known as Alabar: Praise) will be held in the Worship Center on February 18th from 6-7pm. This worship service is a time for young and old alike to spend time worshiping the Lord, to seek His wisdom, and to re-center our lives in Him. Childcare is provided.

Servin’ God and Lovin’ It!

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Numa Student Calendar - February-March

March 1 - WinterJam! Concert - The BEST concert tour of the year! We'll head out to Tulsa, OK @ 3:00pm (you might need to check out of school early).    Check out the line up HERE.  It's $25 per person, we'll be back at 12am.  MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND

March 1-2 : Rise! Girl's Weekend - That's right, this year, WinterJam is going to be part of "Rise! Girl's Weekend".  When we get back from WinterJam, the boys will go home and the girls will stay for more girl time as we have a sleepover at the church and have a ton of fun getting to know God more! It's $55 per person (including going to WinterJam). It starts at 3:30pm on Friday and ends at 5pm on Saturday!  MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND.

March 18 - THE BIG SERVE - We'll head out to Maranatha Bible Camp at 8am to get there and serve for the day.  We'll be cleaning up the grounds, working with our hands, doing painting projects, and more! We'll be back at RCC's parking lot by 7pm. Cost is $10, and bring a sack lunch.  MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND.



April 19-20 - Man Camp
May 5 - Senior Recognition Sunday
June 8-16 - Mission Trip to South Carolina  
July 7-12 - Middle School Camp @ Maranatha Bible Camp
July 21-26 - Senior High Camp @ Maranatha Bible Camp

479-426-5897  //  isaac@rogerscc.org

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Happy February, friends!

This past month was a wonderful one with your children! We’ve walked through the Bible, learning about Jesus choosing his disciples and WHY Christ’s disciples (and the mission of Disciples creating Disciples) is so important! One of the disciples, Matthew, was an unexpected choice which led us to talk about how everyone is unique and we can love people who are different. Which brings me to our friends with different abilities. Our special needs program is taking off, which is fantastic! This also poses some challenges. Logistically, we’ve been running out of room in the kids ministry. We were able to borrow a room from the nursery for the time being to create a new classroom just for our kids with different abilities! We have families that have been able to bring their children to church who otherwise have struggled to even be able to attend regular worship. It is such a blessing to be able to provide this space for these amazing kids!

I’m asking for a little help from our wonderful congregation with this new class: 1) please be in prayer that we are continually a safe place for people of all abilities and their families, and that we would have the volunteer staffing that we need. 2) If you have a heart for people with different abilities, or even would like to find out if you have the heart for it, reach out to me! I need MANY volunteers to make a full blown special needs ministry to happen with excellence. 3) If you are in the least bit curious what this looks like, come shadow during one of our programs (rEcess respite program, 9:30am or 11:00am Sundays, or Wednesdays nights at 6:30pm).

Thanks, church! I couldn’t do this ministry without you!

Upcoming dates:
March 8th-9th -  SUPERSTART for 4th/5th grades. This is an overnight trip to Tulsa for a preteen conference. $125 (don’t let the cost deter you, reach out to me if you need help!)
March 30th - Easter Egg Hunt at 11am.

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During the month of February, we will be focusing on LOVE.  We will learn all about how much our families and Jesus love us.  Our theme will be based on Psalm 68:6 and 1 John 4:19.  Your children will hear words and songs about God’s gift of families, identify family members and demonstrate ways they love them, and hear Bible stories and songs about Jesus’ love for them.

Sing this song to your child as he or she plays with a doll or while enjoying their favorite snack:
(Sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row your boat”)
Thank, thank, thank You, God
For my family!
God made families to love
And care for you and me

Talk about ways you show love to your child.  “I give you good things to eat because I love you.  I play with you because I love you.  I’m glad we are family.  God gives us families and He Loves Us!”  Your child will begin to develop an awareness of God being associated with the love he or she experiences with you at home.

VOLUNTEER in The Harbor Nursery!

We have many volunteer opportunities available in the Harbor Nursery Ministry and at Check-in!
•1st and 2nd Service Check-in Volunteers
•1st and 2nd Service Nursery Teachers (highest need!)
•1st and 2nd Service Substitutes

If you're interested in serving in this vital ministry at RCC, please reach out to Andrea VanAuken using the form below.  
Thank you!

Email Andrea, The Nursery Coordinator, with the form below:


Iglesia Cristiana C-group is going through a journey of the plan of salvation as stated by the Bible.

We have explored the fundamental truth that man is lost in sin, but we have also discovered the hope and possibility of receiving the divine gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. The Bible proclaims that Christ died for all (1 John 2:2) and that God's will is for all to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). However, Christ's response to the question of whether everyone is saved is clear: "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 7:21).

So, how can a man receive this salvation? The answer, according to the teachings of Christ, involves total submission. Jesus instructs: "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" (Luke 9:23). Submission involves placing Christ above all things in life. This active submission is evidenced in the example of Paul, who lost everything to gain Christ (Philippians 3:8).

Furthermore, faith plays a crucial role in the process of accepting salvation. It is not just an intellectual belief in the existence of God or Jesus Christ but an active trust in His redemptive work. Saving faith involves understanding God's grace, recognizing man's inability to save himself, and accepting the gift of salvation through the perfect life and sacrificial death of Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 5:8, 9).

Repentance also stands out as an essential component. This is not merely a change of mind but a change of life that leads to abandoning sin and committing to follow Christ. The act of repentance is manifested in "works worthy of repentance" (Acts 26:20), transforming the individual into a better person in all aspects of life.

Confession of faith in Jesus Christ is another fundamental step. Paul emphasizes that with the heart one believes for righteousness, but with the mouth one confesses for salvation (Romans 10:9, 10). This public act of proclaiming faith is essential and precedes salvation.

Finally, baptism is presented as the culminating act in the process of accepting salvation. According to the Bible, baptism is necessary for the forgiveness of sins, salvation from the punishment for sin, entry into Christ, and the beginning of a new life as a child of God. The biblical form of baptism is immersion, symbolizing the burial and resurrection of Christ.

After the initial acceptance of salvation, the believer's life continues with a constant commitment to Christ. The Christian joins the church, fights against sin, repents when he falls short and continues to grow spiritually. Salvation is a divine gift that transforms life and offers the hope of eternal life with God.

In Christ,
Freddy Alas

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Recently, Paul Wilson of Vision for Missions reached out to the International Missions Committee to provide updates from the ministers in the Southern Philippines region. They met in fellowship groups to give a year-end update of their churches. Seven different groups met to discuss the blessings and challenges that come with leading these churches in remote areas with few resources. One group shared how they’re facing a lack of leaders and preachers in their area. They also spoke of their livelihood and how they support their ministries through skills like farming, charcoal making, raising animals, and carpentry. This group was very grateful for this type of small fellowship meeting where they could be honest about their concerns and share intimately what God has been putting on their hearts. Please continue to pray for our ministers in the Philippines, that God would continue to use them to reach His people in this country.

-The International Missions Committee

Community Groups are active! If you aren't involved in a C-Group and would like to be, please contact Allen Williams with the form below!


Women’s Ministry Gathering
Join us Monday, February 12th, at 6:30pm for our next Women’s Ministry Gathering. We will have a representative from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office coming to talk about personal safety, and will be enjoying a “soup” bar with salad, bread, and dessert. Bring a dessert to share if you wish. Come share in fellowship and win some door prizes! Childcare will be provided. See you then!
Men’s Breakfast
Guys of all ages are invited to join us for our Men's Breakfast on Saturday, February 17th!  One of RCC's Elders, John Meyer, will be our guest speaker. We will meet in the Worship Center at 8am for an awesome time of food and community! Bring some friends, and we hope to see you there!
Worship in the Round
Worship in the Round (formally known as Alabar) will be on Sunday, February 18th from 6-7pm. It will be a time to sing, pray, and be present with the Lord. The Lord wants us to draw near to Him, and Worship in the Round is a great way to reorient our lives on Him. Childcare will be provided!
Ladies Out to Lunch Bunch
All ladies are invited to lunch on February 19th at 11am at the Golden Corral in Rogers. This is a fun time of fellowship with other ladies, and we hope you will join us! Contact Krista Howard, 479-903-5762, for more information.
8th Street Motel Serving Ministry
Our next service at 8th Street Motel will be on Thursday, February 22nd.  We need 4 people to help with meal preparation at 1pm in the Worship Center Kitchen, and 12 people to help with set up and serving. We’ll meet in the Worship Center at 4:15pm to go set up, and should be done by 5:30pm. A sign up sheet is available on the RCC table. Contact the church office, 479-636-9067, for questions.
The Non-Food Pantry is open on the first Tuesday of every month from 5-6pm. If you, or someone you know needs some help, then stop by! Photo ID and proof of residency in Rogers are needed in order to receive items.
Are you crafty?  Or do you just have a heart for those in pain? Join this ministry!

Pray, while making a shawl, for an individual who has a long term illness  (Illness lasting 6+ months)

How you can help:
1. If you can crochet or knit, your help in making shawls would be greatly appreciated
2. Donations to help with the yarn for making shawls. (Just an average cost for the yarn to make a shawl is approximately $15.)
3. Send in names for people to receive a shawl. Text or call 479-426-5687 or send a  Facebook message to Heather Fyffe.

Contact the Office: