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Communion & Offering at RCC

To our guests, please know that you do not have to be a member of RCC to participate in communion with us. Following a brief thought and prayer concerning the sacrifice of Jesus, please make your way to one of our communion stations and join us in remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross! Located on the communion tables are also our black offering boxes. For those who call RCC their home, simply drop your gift in the slot and your offering will be collected at the end of services.


Thank you for joining us today! We want to invite you to this month’s Pizza with the Pastors immediately following our 11am service June 30th! It’s Free! It’s Fun! It’s Informative! Please email (office@rogerscc.org) orcall (479-636-9067) the church office to RSVP.


- That we as a church would be bold in sharing the Gospel.
- That God would grow this body in the way that brings Him glory.
- That we would be good stewards of all that God has given us.

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Ladies Out to Lunch Bunch
All ladies are invited to lunch June 17th at 11am at Golden Corral in Rogers. This is a fun time of fellowship with other ladies, and we hope you will join us! Contact Krista Howard, 479-903-5762, for more information.
Arkansas Naturals Baseball Tickets
We have FREE tickets to see the Arkansas Naturals on June 21st! If you would like to reserve tickets, please contact the church office at 479-636-9067 or office@rogerscc.org and let us know how many you would like.
The 8th Street Motel Serving Ministry
Our next service at The 8th Street Motel will be on Thursday, June 27th. We need 4 people to help with meal preparation at 1pm in the Worship Center Kitchen, and 12 people to help with set up and serving. We’ll meet in the Worship Center at 4:15pm to go set up, and should be done by 5:30pm. A sign up sheet is available on the RCC table. Contact the church office, 479-636-9067, for questions.
El Grupo de Damas estara reuniendose el Sabado 29 de Junio a las 2pm. Estan todas invitadas a las reuniones. Favor de contactar a Gladys Mejia, 832-370-0795, o Ferlim Alas, 479-715-1793, para mas informacion.
Register Your Child For Maranatha Bible Camp
RCC brings students to Maranatha every summer for fantastic adventures and faith growing experiences.

Here are the dates RCC will be taking students:
Beginner Day Camp - Entering Grades PreK-1 - July 13th - $40
Overnight Camp - Entering Grades 1-2 - July 15-16 - $95
Elementary Camp - Entering Grades 3-5 - July 17-20 - $200
Jr. High - Entering Grades 6-8 - July 7-12 - $290
Senior High - Entering Grades 9-Grad - July 21-26 - $290

Click the button below to get registered!
New Cry Room
Due to all of the new babies in our church family, we have created a new cry room for parents and their children. This room is located near the coffee in the Worship Center, and has a live feed of or services. Enjoy!
Homebound Communion
We have put together teams of individuals who will deliver communion to our homebound church members. If you are unable to make it on campus for service and would like for someone to come to your home and serve you communion, please contact our Lead Pastor, Zach, at the church office by phone or email (479-636-9067, zach@rogerscc.org).
The Loving Hands of God Non-Food Pantry serves our community on the first Tuesday of the month from 5pm-6pm. This ministry provides households with necessary items for the home such as soap, toothpaste, diapers, and more. If you would like to help us serve the community, please join us just a little before 5pm here in the Worship Center. Please point people in need to this important ministry.
Rightnow Media is an online Christian streaming service that provides video-based youth/adult Bible studies and Christian cartoons for the kids. They are basically Disney+ for Christians! This is a service which RCC pays for, and is free to every member of our church. If you'd like to have access to this valuable resource for in-home use for Bible study, or simply to entertain the kiddos, please email the church office, office@rogerscc.org, with your email address and Rightnow Media will email you directly asking you to set up a log-in and password which only you will have access to.

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MAMA Tribe
When/Where: 9:30am, AD 400
Leaders: Alecia Davis, Kerri Pingel, Kim Meyer
Who: Moms of all Ages
Subject: Gather Moms: Mom Struggles

Iglesia Cristiana
Cuándo/Ubicación: 9:30am, AD 200
Líder: Arturo Mejia
Quién: Hispano hablante
Asunto: El libro de Romanos

When/Where: 9:30am, AD 300
Leader: John Meyer
Subject: Hebrews

When Life's a Roller Coaster
When/Where: 11:00am, AD 300
Leaders: Matt & Ericka Clay
Subject: When Life's a Roller Coaster

The Gospel of Mark
When/Where: 11:00am, AD 200
Leader: Josh Richardson
Subject: The Gospel of Mark

RCC Missions

Abra Church of Christ Ministerial Alliance
June Total: $1,500.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $17,200.00

AR Church Planting Network
June  Total: $140.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $1,400.00

Camp Hope Ecuador
June  Total: $400.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $4,000.00

Christ on Campus
June  Total: $500.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $5,000.00

Community Action Fund
June  Total: $980.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $8,840.00

Hub of Hope
June  Total: $300.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $2,100.00

Loving Choices
June  Total: $200.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $1,800.00
Maranatha Bible Camp
June  Total: $260.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $2,600.00

NWA Chaplain
June Total: $150.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $1,500.00

Ozark Christian College
June Total: $350.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $3,500.00

June  Total: $250
*Year-To-Date Total: $1,000

Saving Grace
June  Total: $300.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $3,000.00

Scriptures in Use
June  Total: $200
*Year-To-Date Total: $1,600

Team Expansion
June  Total: $400.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $3,400.00

VFM Philippines
June Total: $600.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $6,000.00

Total Missions Dollars Given
June Total: $6,530.00
*Year-To-Date Total: $63,140.00
*Fiscal Year is September to August